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> If they want two pages they wouldn't need JS though - just submit and use
> that in your second query to populate drop-down #2.  I had assumed that they
> wanted it on the same page - which is definitely cooler :-)  Good point
> though - I should have asked which way they wanted to do it.  I suppose if
> you really wanted to be able to say your site used JS you could still use it
> to set a hidden value in the form and submit it to the next page that way.

I figured I'd throw something in too.

I personally don't like the client side scripting option because it
adversely affects accessibility.  If you choose the client side option, you
should also have a non JavaScript version as well (the 2 pages mentioned
before) for site visitors that have other types of interfaces that don't
understand JavaScript or for visitors that have dynamic scripting turned off
(not a bad idea these days with all the XSS cookie stealing stuff).

That said, WebReference has a great tutorial and a bunch of code that you
can use to make the nifty related drop-down menus.  You can see the theory
and tutorial here:


And they even have a script that'll generate the code for you here:


Hope that helps.


Paul Burney


If ($your_php_version < 4.1.2) {

    upgrade_now();  // to avoid major security problems

    /* Please see <http://security.e-matters.de/advisories/012002.html> */


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