So, if the user selects "mercedes", then the next box is "500Sl, 300Sc" and
so forth. If they select ford, then the second box has completely different

You'll either have to reload the page after the first select, or use
javascript or some other kind of client script. I don't think there is a way
to do it with PHP, but maybe someone else has an idea to help you. I hope
they do, because I need to do the same sort of thing, and I am trying to
avoid js at all costs.

"Randy Rankin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Does anyone know how I might populate a drop down box based on the users
> selection from a previous drop down box? For example, if I have a table
> called 'autos' with 2 fields, 'make' and 'model'. I select distinct 'make'
> and populate the first drop down box. Based on the user selection, the 2nd
> drop down box would be populated with the distinct 'make' for that model
> (ie; if the user selects Ford in the first drop down, the 2nd drop down
> would be populated with Explorer, Expedition, Ranger, etc.).
> Thanks,
> Randy Rankin

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