This isn't what I'm looking for because the output is to email not HTML.
What I would like is the natural line breaks in the form input to be 
preserved and then result in line breaks in the email without having
to add any \n, which didn't work anyway.
Jeff Oien

> check out nl2br() function [newline to break]
> olinux
>  Jeff Oien  wrote: I have a form where someone enters
> the body of an email messageinto a part of a form to
> be sent out to a list. Then a script retrieves the
> body and sends it via email. However I can't get line
> breaksto show up (I'm using MS Outlook) even if I
> enter the \n into the textarea form and those \n show
> up in the database data. I must be missing something.
> Thanks for any help.Jeff Oien

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