Sure he could (and it might look a lot nicer if he did...), but:
1 he said he doesn't want to,
2 ASCII text can also be formatted (with line breaks, at least),
3 using HTML encourages email bloat, and
4 some email clients don't render HTML


> Hey, couldn't you just send the text as HTML and it would retain any
> formatting?
> Bob
> "Jeff Oien" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > I have a form where someone enters the body of an email message
> > into a <textarea> part of a form to be sent out to a list. Then a
> > retrieves the body and sends it via email. However I can't get line
> > to show up (I'm using MS Outlook) even if I enter the \n into the
> > form and those \n show up in the database data. I must be missing
> > something. Thanks for any help.
> > Jeff Oien
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