On Wed, 2002-04-17 at 22:54, Miguel Carvalho wrote:
> >
> > Or if that is not available for you to edit you could always try just
> > executing a statement to alter the session once a database connection
> > is established. This method is a little slower.
> How slower? Very very slower? Can you give me an aproximation in seconds?

The speed decrease is dependant on your setup. How fast your machines
are and how good your network is. I ran a few quick tests on our servers
and there seemed to be little effect on performance. The loss of
performance was unmeasurable.

> >As you will have to
> > execute the alter session statements every time you make the
> > connection.
> Ok.
> >
> > The SQL is something like:
> Can i specify the characterset on the alter session?
> Sorry for the question...but the Oracle docs that i have read, just say
> what is the sintaxe.
> Regards
> Miguel Carvalho

I'm not sure on the character set setting. You can see your current NLS
settings for your session, instance and database by querying
NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS. Maybe that well help you.

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