> The speed decrease is dependant on your setup. How fast your machines
> are and how good your network is. I ran a few quick tests on our
> servers and there seemed to be little effect on performance. The loss
> of
> performance was unmeasurable.

I see that it's a minor issue.

> I'm not sure on the character set setting. You can see your current NLS
> settings for your session, instance and database by querying
> NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS. Maybe that well help you.

I have done a select from those table/view...and all are as i need.

A have tried changing the session parameters with alter session, but the
result is the same.

Isn't this an issue related to OCI8 or PHP.
As i said at some days ago, this only appens on my Linux( suse 7.x) machine
that is using PHP. On the windows machines, all is fine.

Does any can send me an exemple of the definition of NLS_LANG environment

Thank's for the repply

Miguel Carvalho

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