It's a no go...

This is what I tryed:

"SELECT User.NickName FROM User, Rights WHERE (User.UserID = 
Rights.UserID && (Rights.MainID = ${row['MainID']} || 

The only thing I want to be able to retrieve is a list of nicknames 
(User.NickName) based on MainID. In the Rights Table the MainID value 
has to be NULL or = ${row['MainID']}

Jason Wong wrote:
> On Monday 22 April 2002 00:53, Prodoc wrote:
>>E.g. I've got two tables (User and Rights) both contianing UserID, I
>>want to retrieve some UserID's from the Rights table and use those
>>UserID's the get the nickname of those users from the User table.
>>("SELECT UserID FROM Rights WHERE...........")
>>("SELECT NickName FROM User WHERE...........")
>>Is it possible to combine those two statements?
> Try:
> SELECT Rights.UserID, User.NickName FROM Rights, User
>  WHERE User.UserID = Rights.UserID

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