> Does the simple case (without specifying MainID) work?
> And are you pretty sure that $row['MainID'] actually holds a valid value?
> Have you tried printing the whole of the above query to see what it actually 
> contains?
> If it looks valid try copy-paste that query into the mysql command-line to 
> see what comes up.

I tried the query in the mysql command-line and this does give me the 
data I want to get.
$row['MainID'] does hold a valid value is this should mean I doing 
something wrong at displaying the values, doesn't it?
I just started using mysql and php it will probebly be a stupid mistake 
I made.
I get one or more values back using the mysql command-line and I'm 
trying to display the values one by one by using $result = 
mysql_fetch_row (&res) (I tried mysql_fetch_array as well) but it only 
displays one result by using $result[0].
$result[1] or higher doesn't give me anything, what could be the problem?

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