On Monday 22 April 2002 16:04, Prodoc wrote:
> It's a no go...
> This is what I tryed:
> "SELECT User.NickName FROM User, Rights WHERE (User.UserID =
> Rights.UserID && (Rights.MainID = ${row['MainID']} ||
> ISNULL(Rights.MainID))"
> The only thing I want to be able to retrieve is a list of nicknames
> (User.NickName) based on MainID. In the Rights Table the MainID value
> has to be NULL or = ${row['MainID']}

Does the simple case (without specifying MainID) work?

And are you pretty sure that $row['MainID'] actually holds a valid value?

Have you tried printing the whole of the above query to see what it actually 

If it looks valid try copy-paste that query into the mysql command-line to 
see what comes up.

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