Josť Moreira wrote:
hello, at my company we have several network printers and i was was
wondering if it's possible to print directly to them using PHP, instead
of showing on the screen or both ...
to gain more control on what is printed, because of the nasty browsers
header and footer ... whom i now how to remove ...

i know that the printer IP is and the port is 9005 ...

If you're willing to do a bit of work, you can do a workable solution. I'm assuming that PHP is running on a Windows server.

You can use the Windows printer functions if the printer was connected directly. If not, you can still get it to work. The Windows Scripting Host resources give you a few ways. A kludgy way would be to configure IE on the printer machine (since it's almost surely installed) to not show the header and footers. You can use the WSH functions to open a non-visible IE instance and issue the print command from there. WSH also has functions in it's COM objects for mapping network printers, etc so you could customize your own server's IE config and print to a mapped printer. Lots of ways to skin this cat, but they're all messy.

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