We faced this problem, and decided if we couldn't get a good solution to eliminate the printer. Turns out the users liked it better, and we eliminated a lot of paper.
- First we wrote a report writer.
- All reports go to the database.
- We wrote a report file system.
- The report output title shows up in the user report file system in the IN BASKET.
- The user can click the file and it displays the first 5 pages to the screen. They can change the start page and number of pages.
- The user can file it into other files like WEEKLY REPORTS.
- They can send the report to others and it shows up in their IN BASKET.
- If they delete the report it sits in the WASTE BASKET file for 10 days. This gives them the ability to file it back somewhere if it was deleted by mistake.

This is fast because the reports are run on the server. Only one copy of the report is kept in the database, and the user report file system points to it.

Anyway this was our solution and the users love it since they no longer have to file paper, but file reports electronically. They can carbon copy anyone. They can look at any section of the report any time. They can still print the report if they want by using the print button.
HTH... Have a great day... Dan

Josť Moreira wrote:
hello, at my company we have several network printers and i was was
wondering if it's possible to print directly to them using PHP, instead
of showing on the screen or both ...
to gain more control on what is printed, because of the nasty browsers
header and footer ... whom i now how to remove ...

i know that the printer IP is and the port is 9005 ...

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