I am not sure what are you talking, but when you get some help (opening a
windows) on others browser (netscape, opera, etc) appear a window using
javascript or other technic you can show on that window a sql database
(mysql, sqlserver, oracle, etc.) and choose some item (independent what is
the browser what are you using) and you can make a click and that data get
pass to the input box where you getting help, I think is simply do it I know
how to create the window but I don't know how to show the database and
navigate trough that window and get the right option.



"Marco Tabini" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I think you might be referring to data binding, which I think is only
> offered by Internet Explorer. A more browser-independent way is to use
> floating iframes that you can refresh depending on where the user has
> clicked. The iframe can point to a PHP script that extracts the data for
> you as needed. We have something similar working on IE, Opera 5+ and
> Netscape 6+, so it is possible to do it, although it requires a bit of
> Javascript work.
> Cheers,
> Marco
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