I have a question, not sure if what I am looking for
is available at all or a smaller program of the full
sized program I am looking for but thought I'd ask to
see if anyone knows of a program or a program they may
of created.

On my personal Computer I run a Windows OS and on my
server (located elsewhere) I run a linux OS.  Now on
my server I have PHP 4.0 installed as well as mysql
database installed.  But I am not always available
online to update the website/databse and wondered if
there is a way to do updates/tests my my personal
computer.  Test them offline and put them live when I
am happy with it.

The thing is on my personal computer I run a Windows
OS and was wondering if there is a program I can
install to have mysql database or a similar program to
mysql database to run my scripts offline?

I already have installed a PHP program that I can
run/test PHP scripts and thought I'd ask here if
anyone knew of a mysql one.  (I thought since a PHP
program is available on Windows OS maybe a mysql one
was too?)

If anyone can help me that would be great.  If not, it
was worth a shot!

If anyone has another idea of doing things offline let
me know, I am all ears.  (e.g. a similar database
program to mysql I can download for Windows OS .. I
don't mean MS ACCESS etc, needs to be linux like so I
can test my scripts offline and make MINOR  edits to
get it to work with mysql.  But would prefer a mysql
program if available.)

I need the program so I can test my PHP pages and do
database changes to work with my PHP pages.  As I do
on my live website.  (e.g. retrieve data from a
database, and send data to a database. etc...)

I'm not aware of a program for mysql on Windows OS but
thought to ask here and see if any of you people do or
know any in development.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Kind Regards,

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