First of all it's never a good idea to use <? instead of <?php. But anyway. Your loss. ;)

You will need to do a refresh of the page to be able to run an insert query.
The refresh will need to be made by the JavaScript and since I've refused to learn JavaScript, I can't help you with that. Remember also that the JS needs to send a variable containing the username to the PHP code.

Now, I haven't had enough coffee today, so this is the best I can give you:
$username = $_POST['user']; // What ever your JS will send the variable in.
mysql_query("insert into score (user,date) values ('" . $username . "','".date("Y-m-d")."'););

Also, you might want to parse the username through a few str_replace's before you insert.. removing stuff like '<' and '>'.

Good luck!


PS: I apparently sent this the first time using the wrong FROM address.. So here it comes again. ;)

On Feb 20, 2004, at 03:16, JeRRy wrote:


I have this code, comments below:

<? include("../pages/setup.php");?>
<? login();?>
<? include("../pages/header.php");?>

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> <STYLE> .general3 {background-color:#333333;z-index:4} .general2 {background-color:#555555;z-index:3} .general1 {background-color:#777777;z-index:2} .general0 {background-color:#999999;z-index:1} </STYLE> <title></title> </head> <body>


$query = "select * from kras_params;";
$result = mysql_db_query($database,$query);
$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
//fill vars
$total = $row[kr_total];
$chance = $row[kr_chance];
$maxwins = $row[kr_max_wins];
$wins = $row[kr_wins];
$timesaday = $row[kr_timesaday];
$host = $REMOTE_ADDR;
$check = 1;

$q_checktimes = "select count(*) from kras_users where
usr_ip='$host' and usr_date=CURDATE();";
$checktimes_result =
$times = mysql_fetch_row($checktimes_result);
$error = "";
if ($times[0] < $timesaday) {
        //poging toevoegen in database
        $raisetimes = "insert into kras_users
        $raiseresult = mysql_db_query($database,$raisetimes)
or die('error: raise times failed');
} else {
        $error .= "<LI>$txt_maxplay $timesaday.";
        $check = 0;
if ($wins == $maxwins) {
        $error = "<LI>$txt_maxwon";
        $check = 0;

if ($check) {
        //aantal malen dat spel gespeeld is ophogen met 1
        $raisetotal = "update kras_params set
        $raiseresult = mysql_db_query($database,$raisetotal);
        if ($total%$chance == 0) {
                $raisewins = "update kras_params set
                $raisewinsresult =
mysql_db_query($database,$raisewins) or die('error:
raise wins failed');
                $winner = 1;

Array('gfx/crown.jpg','gfx/x.jpg','gfx/seven.jpg','gfx/ diamond.jpg','gfx/ruby.jpg','gfx/magic.jpg');
z=new Array();

function check() {
var oDivs = document.all.tags("DIV");
for (i=0; i<oDivs.length; i++){

var scratched = "true";
if (oDivs(i).style.display != "none" &&
oDivs(i).scratchable == "true") {
scratched = "false";
return false;
if (scratched == "true") {

echo ($winner ? "alert(\"$txt_youwon!
$HTTP_SESSION_VARS[username]\")" :



function rnd() {
return Math.floor(Math.random()*sc.length);

if ($winner) {
echo "function scimgload() {";
echo "document.scratch1.src=sc[rnd()];";
echo "document.scratch2.src=document.scratch1.src;";
echo "document.scratch3.src=document.scratch1.src;";
echo "}";
} else {
echo "function scimgload() {";
echo "document.scratch1.src=sc[rnd()];";
echo "document.scratch2.src=sc[rnd()];";
echo "document.scratch3.src=sc[rnd()];";
echo "while (document.scratch2.src ==
document.scratch3.src) {";
echo "document.scratch3.src=sc[rnd()];";
echo "}";
echo "}";
function scmetal() {
for (i=0;i<192;i++)

<SCRIPT FOR=window EVENT=onload LANGUAGE="JScript">

<h1><center><font color=blue>TMC Scratch n

<DIV scratchable="false" STYLE="position:
relative;height: 300">

// This script must be within the relatively
positioned DIV.
for (p=0;p<3;p++)
for (i=0;i<4;i++)
for (j=0;j<4;j++)
for (k=0;k<4;k++) {
document.write('<DIV scratchable="true" ID="M'+idn+'"
STYLE="position:absolute;width:25;height:25;top:'+eval(0+j*25)+'; left:'+eval(125+p*125+k*25)+'"></DIV>');
<IMG SRC="" NAME=scratch1 ID=img1
STYLE="position:absolute;top:0;left:125;width:100;height:100;z-index: 0">
<IMG SRC="" NAME=scratch2 ID=img2
STYLE="position:absolute;top:0;left:250;width:100;height:100;z-index: 0">
<IMG SRC="" NAME=scratch3 ID=img3
STYLE="position:absolute;top:0;left:375;width:100;height:100;z-index: 0">
onclick="location.reload()"><? echo $txt_playagain;
} else {
echo $error;

It's a scartchy game, 3 boxes, run your mouse over them to scratch, if you win it pops up a java box saying you won and your Username.

What I want to do is do a query to a db and update an
accounting table to credit users account if they win,
and if they lose do nothing.

But I am not sure what to add with this code...  Does
the page need to refresh to do a insert query or can
it do it some other way?

When they win they get a popup, page does not refresh,
to play again it restarts.  Is there a way to credit
the account without refreshing?  If worst comes to
worst I guess I could redirect the user to another
page to credit accounts, but this would take them away
from game and is not ideal.

Ideas/code welcome here.


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