> I have a text file with all my database information
> from creating databases to setting up tables.  I have
> looked throught the mysql docs on how to load these on
> from a text file via the mysql prompt.  But all I can
> find is:
> load data infile "filename.txt" into table whatever
> But this is not what I am looking for. :(  As the
> tables are already defined in the text file and the
> appropiate database name to enter them into.
> Is there a way to load these into the database
> directly instead of doing each table seperately from
> the mysql prompt? (not web admin)

Is this a mysqldump file? The file has all of the SQL statements that
you need to run? If so, just send it to mysql...

Mysql -uuser -ppassword database_name < filename.txt

You can call that through exec() if you want. The file must be proper
SQL, though. 

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