Please dont kill me for posting here. I dont know where else to post. I'm a
newbie and is completly stuck with a php problem :(

I got this code (among with more though...):


 if($ingresser = array_merge($i1 ,$i2))

 echo 'Det oppstod en feil ved henting av ingresser.';

This code produce the article feeds on this site:

The articles are feeded from $i1 and $i2, but as you can see on the dates
the newest article does not come first (the code first lists the $i1 THEN
$i2) but what I want is to get the newest on date first, then older and

I talked to the owner of the script and he said that he had a variable named
"$publisertLang; //Publish date of the article in  format: yyyymmddhhmmss"
He said I could sort the "$ingresser" (the merged $i1 and $i2) with the
$publisertLand as parameter on listIngresser, but the problem I dont know
how to do that. I've looked through and tryed all sort commands I've

Can somebody please help me?

P.S Excuse my bad English. It's not my native language.

A. Lyse

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