hi again,
i use php/mysql and i have a form to enter data into tables insiede the database
the problem is when i click the submit botton it gives me that 1 row is affected and when i check the database with phpmyadmin i find that all the data processed in the new row is empty, so can anyone please tell me where is the problem?
here is the insert script :
$name = addslashes($name);
$type = addslashes($type);
$date = addslashes($date);
$link = addslashes($link);
$cds = addslashes($cds);
$rate = addslashes($rate);
$cast = addslashes($cast);
$downloader = addslashes($downloader);
$downloaderlink = addslashes($downloaderlink);
@ $db = mysql_connect("localhost");
$query = "insert into newdvd (name, type, date, link, cds, rate, cast, downloader, downloaderlink, subtitle) values ('".$name."', '".$type."', '".$date."', '".$link."', '".$cds."', '".$rate."', '".$cast."', '".$downloader."', '".$downloaderlink."', '".$subtitle."')";
$result = mysql_query($query);
if ($result)
 echo mysql_affected_rows()." affected.";
i use ISS on windows xp professional and i face many problem with php.ini so can anyone send me a modified one for the last version of php to avoid all these errors !!

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