A bit difficult to debug this without the file included (config.php); providing the error message would also be helpful.

At first glance, I'm just wondering what does the dot mean in the table name used in the FROM clause:

FROM school.physics_chris_rockets

It shouldn't generate a php syntacs error message, but I'm afraid that query wont work

boyan --

Jacob Hackamack wrote:

Currently there seems to be some problem with syntax of some sort, for some
reason I keep getting thrown back parse errors, commenting out the lines
just moves the parse error line around.  If anybody has any help thanks in



$Period = $_POST["Period"];
$Name = $_POST["Name"];

$conn = mysql_connect ( $dbhost , $dbuser , $dbpass );
$sql_select = 'SELECT * FROM school.physics_chris_rockets WHERE Period LIKE
'.$Period.' AND Visible LIKE "Y" ORDER by Position, Name, Date';
$result = mysql_query($sql_select);

echo '<title>Physics Sign-Up Input</title>'; echo ' <form action="processinfo.php" method="post" name="Insert_Record">'; echo ' <input type=hidden name=Period value="'.$Period.'">'; echo ' <input type=hidden name=Name value="'.$Name.'">'; echo ' <h2>Welcome '.$Name.', '; echo ' <table border=1></table>';

$Space = '';
$Data = $dataRow[1] ;

echo'      <th scope="col">Position</th>';
echo'      <th scope="col">Openings</th>';
echo'       <br>';

while ( $dataRow = mysql_fetch_row ( $result ) ) {

if ($Space != $dataRow[3])


echo ' <br>';
echo ' <br>';
echo '<br>'.$dataRow[3].'<br>';
$Space = $dataRow[3] ;
echo '<td></td>';

if ($Data == "")


echo "<td>Open</td>";
echo '<br>'.$dataRow[1].'<br>';


echo ' </tr>'; echo ' </table>'; echo ' <div align="right">'; echo ' <p><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Sign Up" tabindex="12"></p>'; echo ' </form>';



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