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Jacob Hackamack <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I use BBEdit on Mac OSX, I know I copied and pasted some things, but I
> actually wrote all of the lines that you took out, weird.  I really
> have no idea how its screwing up on spaces like that, I wish there was
> a PHP error checker that actually told you what happens and why. 
> Anyways, the beta of the site is up at 
> http://www.filmcanister.com/Education/Physics/
> If anybody wants to take a look at it (don't be afraid to put in a
> fake name and period, the table is backed up and won't go live for
> some time) :).
> Thank you one and all.
> Jacob


To fix the spacing in the HTML source code, try adding \n (for
newline) at the end of each echo or print line. This will make your
HTML easier to read/debug.

The form itself is being spread out by your div tags, one is
align="left", the other align="right"...

George Patterson

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