Thanks Ricardo for your comments.

What do you think guys: ADODB or PEAR::DB ?

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> You have ADODB and PEAR DB that both work as abstraction layer. I have
> ADODB and seems to me that is very good, yet i have not tested PEAR DB...
> To make php code 100% database independent is not very easy, depends of
> are you going to do with your code. Use the ADODB or PEAR functions every
> time possible, and avoid the using of sql statements in your code because
> you have to carefull design then to be database independent but that can
> a very difficult task.
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> Subject: [PHP-DB] Database Abstraction Layer?
> Hello everybody,
> What do you think is the best method to abstract php code from a specific
> database?.
> Make PHP code 100% database independent?..
> Waitin' for your comments.
> Muhammed Mamedov

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