There are a couple of products out there that I am about to start testing,
starting first with:

 - SQL Relay
This product uses its on C interfaces to interact with DBs and different
programming languages.  It addresses a bunch of items in the PHP DB calls.
Connection pooling and load balancing.

 - Propel
Extensive templates create the SQL definition files you need to setup your
database and the classes you need to work with your data model in your PHP
scripts. The classes for your object model are generated from a simple XML
schema and any customizations are written in plain PHP.

This will effectively that add SQL and DB dependence out of your mix.  This
is PHP5 also.


- Paul

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Hello everybody,
What do you think is the best method to abstract php code from a specific
Make PHP code 100% database independent?..

Waitin' for your comments.
Muhammed Mamedov

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