On 01/21/2004 06:31 AM, Muhammed Mamedov wrote:
What do you think is the best method to abstract php code from a specific database?.
Make PHP code 100% database independent?..

If you really want true portability, you may want to try Metabase or PEAR::MDB which is a conversion of Metabase to follow PEAR coding style, although not all Metabase drivers have been ported to MDB.

Metabase was written with the specific goal to be truly database independent, so you do not have to change anything in your application to make it work with different applications.

This means that not only the database access is portable but also the schema installation and maintenance. Metabase lets you define your database schema in a simple XML format and then it takes care of creating the tables, fields, indexes and sequences in any of the supported databases.

If you want to change your schema, just edit the XML definition and Metabase is capable of figuring what changed and alter the installed schema according to the database you are using, without affecting any data that was added since the database was installed for the first time or after it was updated for the last time.

If you have an application working with an existing database, Metabase provides experimental support for migrating the installed schema to the database independent XML definition format.



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