I like PEAR::DB myself, especially since so many other PEAR packages build upon it. To make your code even more DB independant, you can use a package which builds the SQL for you, such as DB_DataObject. It can also quote table / column names and values correctly per DB. (Although DB hasn't been uypdated yet with my patch to support table and column quoting.)

Muhammed Mamedov wrote:

Thanks Ricardo for your comments.

What do you think guys: ADODB or PEAR::DB ?

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You have ADODB and PEAR DB that both work as abstraction layer. I have


ADODB and seems to me that is very good, yet i have not tested PEAR DB...

To make php code 100% database independent is not very easy, depends of


are you going to do with your code. Use the ADODB or PEAR functions every
time possible, and avoid the using of sql statements in your code because
you have to carefull design then to be database independent but that can


a very difficult task.

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Hello everybody, What do you think is the best method to abstract php code from a specific database?. Make PHP code 100% database independent?..

Waitin' for your comments.
Muhammed Mamedov

paperCrane <Justin Patrin>

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