You haven't done that a thousand times - the syntax is wrong :).
You are using a combo of INSERT and UPDATE syntax there.


INSERT INTO log (term, returns, time, date, ip) VALUES ('$search',
'$arrayword',CURTIME(), CURDATE(), '$ip');


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Subject: [PHP-DB] What's wrong with this query?

I've just tried to do something I've done a thousand times. It does not 
work. I've checked all of the syntax, made sure the field and variable 
names are correct. No matter what I do it just doesn't work. The table 
remains empty. Here's the query:

$logit = mysql_query("INSERT INTO log SET term='$search', 
returns='$arrayword', time=CURTIME(), date=CURDATE(), ip='$ip'");

Now that doesn't look too difficult does it? Well, apparently it's 
impossible! I'm really hoping someone out there can see something that I



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