mysql_query does not return a specific value, rather a pointer to a range of 
values (depending on what the query returns..) so what you're seeing is 
normal. I think depending on your error settings, PHP will actually return 
the value as 'POINTER' or something like that to let you know it's not a real 
variable.. The same thing happens if you try and echo an array.. 


On Thursday 26 February 2004 12:23 pm, Axel IS Main wrote:
> An interesting thought. I tried this:
> echo "Term: $search, Returns: $arrayword, UserIP: $ip<br>";
> $logit = mysql_query("INSERT INTO log SET term='$search',
> returns='$arrayword', time=CURTIME(), date=CURDATE(), ip='$ip'");
> echo "Query Value: $logit";
> And got this on the page:
> Term: skater, Returns: 312, UserIP:
> Query Value:
> Notice that the variables are set with appropriate values, but the
> $logit variable is blank. This, I think is the problem. The question is
> why would it do this and not return any type of error? By the way, I
> tried this using the other syntax people where suggesting and I got the
> same results. I gotta tell you, this one is really kicking my ass. It's
> the last piece of an update that I can't release until it's finished.
> Nick
> Hutchins, Richard wrote:
> >Been kind of following this thread off and on...
> >
> >If the syntax is acceptable by MySQL, which it appears to be, is it
> > possible that the variables you are using within the query string are not
> > set to anything? Or is it possible that there is something broken
> > immediately before the query string is fired?
> >
> >Most times, when I run into query problems, immediately before I send the
> >query to the database, I'll echo the statement out to the browser so I can
> >see the exact string that's being sent to the db.
> >
> >So can you do this:
> >
> >$sql = "INSERT INTO log SET term='$search', returns='$arrayword',
> >time=CURTIME(), date=CURDATE(), ip='$ip'";
> >
> >echo $sql;
> >
> >$logit = mysql_query($sql) or
> >     die(mysql_error());
> >
> >
> >And check out what gets spit out to the browser when $sql is echoed? Maybe
> >that'll point out something that's going wrong. If nothing is apparent,
> > post the results of echo $sql back to the list and maybe one of us will
> > find something.
> >
> >HTH.
> >
> >Rich
> >
> >>-----Original Message-----
> >>From: Axel IS Main [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >>Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 2:37 PM
> >>To: PHP DB
> >>Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] What's wrong with this query?
> >>
> >>
> >>Ok, ok. I get the message about the syntax. Since I've used
> >>this syntax
> >>for a long time and so far there hasn't been a problem I'll assume
> >>that's not the problem. I will, however, review this and
> >>probably make
> >>some changes for the sake of compliance if nothing else. In
> >>any event,
> >>the syntax is NOT why it is failing, smart ass comments by people who
> >>think two years is a long time not withstanding.
> >>
> >>As to the useful questions that where asked. There is no
> >>error reported.
> >>Error reporting is set to E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE. I removed the
> >>notice part
> >>so I would get everything and still nothing showed up. I'm
> >>also logging
> >>errors and nothing is showing up in the log either. Not all PHP/MySQL
> >>errors are reported. Sometimes what happens is not considered
> >>an error,
> >>even though it does not do what you would expect it to do. If
> >>the query
> >>syntax was wrong, I would get a syntax error. There is no
> >>error, it just
> >>doesn't write to the table. I can go into phpMyAdmin and with
> >>the same
> >>syntax insert into the table all day long.
> >>
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