An interesting thought. I tried this:

echo "Term: $search, Returns: $arrayword, UserIP: $ip<br>";
$logit = mysql_query("INSERT INTO log SET term='$search',
returns='$arrayword', time=CURTIME(), date=CURDATE(), ip='$ip'");
echo "Query Value: $logit";

And got this on the page:

Term: skater, Returns: 312, UserIP:
Query Value:

mysql_query returns a Resource, which is not a printable 'string', You
could print_r($logit), or var_dump($logit) and you would most likely see
Resouce ID #3 (or some other number). So even if you're query excecutes
properly printing $logit will always show as you've written above.  The
same would hold true of an array, when just using print.

the returned value preceeds the function call in the manual.
      resource mysql_query ( string query [, resource link_identifier])


Notice that the variables are set with appropriate values, but the
$logit variable is blank. This, I think is the problem. The question is
why would it do this and not return any type of error? By the way, I
tried this using the other syntax people where suggesting and I got the
same results. I gotta tell you, this one is really kicking my ass. It's
the last piece of an update that I can't release until it's finished.


Hutchins, Richard wrote:

>Been kind of following this thread off and on...
>If the syntax is acceptable by MySQL, which it appears to be, is it
>that the variables you are using within the query string are not set to
>anything? Or is it possible that there is something broken immediately
>before the query string is fired?
>Most times, when I run into query problems, immediately before I send the
>query to the database, I'll echo the statement out to the browser so I can
>see the exact string that's being sent to the db.
>So can you do this:
>$sql = "INSERT INTO log SET term='$search', returns='$arrayword',
>time=CURTIME(), date=CURDATE(), ip='$ip'";
>echo $sql;
>$logit = mysql_query($sql) or
>            die(mysql_error());
>And check out what gets spit out to the browser when $sql is echoed? Maybe
>that'll point out something that's going wrong. If nothing is apparent,
>the results of echo $sql back to the list and maybe one of us will find
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>>Ok, ok. I get the message about the syntax. Since I've used
>>this syntax
>>for a long time and so far there hasn't been a problem I'll assume
>>that's not the problem. I will, however, review this and
>>probably make
>>some changes for the sake of compliance if nothing else. In
>>any event,
>>the syntax is NOT why it is failing, smart ass comments by people who
>>think two years is a long time not withstanding.
>>As to the useful questions that where asked. There is no
>>error reported.
>>Error reporting is set to E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE. I removed the
>>notice part
>>so I would get everything and still nothing showed up. I'm
>>also logging
>>errors and nothing is showing up in the log either. Not all PHP/MySQL
>>errors are reported. Sometimes what happens is not considered
>>an error,
>>even though it does not do what you would expect it to do. If
>>the query
>>syntax was wrong, I would get a syntax error. There is no
>>error, it just
>>doesn't write to the table. I can go into phpMyAdmin and with
>>the same
>>syntax insert into the table all day long.
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