On Wed, 12 May 2004, Alex Gemmell wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am fairly new to Linux/PHP so please bear with me.  I have an awfully
> awkward problem to solve - a stop gap solution for the next 6 months until
> we have out in-house servers set up and running.  I also have a very short
> timeframe to sort this out.  I am using PHP on a remotely hosted Linux web
> server to build my website, however I have been given a MS Access database
> to use!  Despite my best efforts (and two days Google trawling) I haven't
> found a suitable solution so I am turning to your collective knowledge.
> First things first - I do not run the server and cannot install any new
> tools on to it (I cannot access the folders above my web root).  There are
> lots of suggestions on the net about installing MDBTools and UnixODBC RPM
> (http://bryanmills.net:8086/archives/000099.html) - but that involves the
> admin who won't do it!  I can, of course, put scripts that may help in the
> actual web folder and reference them if anyone has any ideas.
> I know I must use a DSN-less connection.  I first tried connecting directly
> to the mdb file using:
>             $conn = new COM("ADODB.Connection") or die ("Cannot create ADODB
> Connection object.");

You cannot do this on Linux because I don't believe it supports COM nor
OLEDB. If your ISP allows you to use dynamically loadable PHP extensions,
then you might be able to use ODBTP.  But, this solution requires the use
of a Windows machine that can be accessed by the Linux box via port 2799,
which may not be possible for you.  Thus, your only option would be
MDBTools and unixODBC.

If your provider won't let you install MDBTools or ODBTP, then your only
solution is to get a new provider.

-- bob

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