Thanks Bob,

I was afraid of that!  Ah well.  I have one or two more glimmers of hope
left before I abandon this entirely and learn some ASP super-quickly!

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|On Wed, 12 May 2004, Alex Gemmell wrote:
|> Hello all,
|> I am fairly new to Linux/PHP so please bear with me.  I have an awfully
|> awkward problem to solve - a stop gap solution for the next 6 months
|> we have out in-house servers set up and running.  I also have a very
|> timeframe to sort this out.  I am using PHP on a remotely hosted Linux
|> server to build my website, however I have been given a MS Access
|> to use!  Despite my best efforts (and two days Google trawling) I haven't
|> found a suitable solution so I am turning to your collective knowledge.
|> First things first - I do not run the server and cannot install any new
|> tools on to it (I cannot access the folders above my web root).  There
|> lots of suggestions on the net about installing MDBTools and UnixODBC RPM
|> ( - but that involves the
|> admin who won't do it!  I can, of course, put scripts that may help in
|> actual web folder and reference them if anyone has any ideas.
|> I know I must use a DSN-less connection.  I first tried connecting
|> to the mdb file using:
|>             $conn = new COM("ADODB.Connection") or die ("Cannot create
|> Connection object.");
|You cannot do this on Linux because I don't believe it supports COM nor
|OLEDB. If your ISP allows you to use dynamically loadable PHP extensions,
|then you might be able to use ODBTP.  But, this solution requires the use
|of a Windows machine that can be accessed by the Linux box via port 2799,
|which may not be possible for you.  Thus, your only option would be
|MDBTools and unixODBC.
|If your provider won't let you install MDBTools or ODBTP, then your only
|solution is to get a new provider.
|-- bob

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