>Hello all,

>Am I right in thinking I have very few options?   I don't want to move
over to ASP (would that even help?) because it means learning VBScript and
I don't have a >lot of time.  Also, I can't use another database (e.g.
MySQL) cos the server admin is NOT helping me and won't install anything

ok.  I have not entirely thought this through, but if you're running a
linux machine and can install stuff in your web space, then potentially you
have another option.  But _only_ if PHP is already compiled with mysql
support.  Couldn't you grab a mysql binary from mysql.com(that matches your
client version compiled into PHP), and install it in your web space?  And
then use your linux user as the mysql user, and assign appropriate
permissions to the directory per the INSTALL-BINARY document in the
distrobution.  or, even better, if you know the name of your web user
(apache user)..you could also start it as that user, removing the security
hole of using yours (which i'm sure has elevated rights).

And i didn't think you could run COM on anything but a Widoze PHP build?
adn you're on Linux?

anyway... just an idea and maybe not a good one.  But looks like you're
stuck.  There are potential issues, but .... well, again..just an idea.

HTH....Good Luck!


Alex Gemmell

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