I think you'd have the same issue with Chilisoft ASP as you would with
PHP because the issue isn't with the scripting language but with the
OS's support for ODBC or DSNless connections to an Access database.    I
did a little reading on Chilisoft ASP a while ago and (1) it's not free
from what I understand and (2) I heard it doesn't function exactly how
ASP is supposed to so you could have some stability issues.   The MySQL
thing along with MDBTools or something sounds like it could be the best
way to go.

Or if you keep your master data set in MySQL and just use Access to pull
a copy from it when necessary for distribution (you said you distributed
the data via MDB files right?  Or do people change the MDBs and that
becomes the master?)

At any rate, good luck!  And keep us updated!


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> Thanks again Trevor and Bob!
> The reason I was mentioning ASP is because "Chilli Soft! ASP" 
> thingy (?) is
> installed on the live (Linux/Apache) server.  IIS doesn't 
> come in to play
> (other than on my localhost I was (stupidly) testing on!).
> I have just got off the phone having managed to get the 
> server admin to
> concede to allowing MySQL to be installed.  Hopefully he will 
> actually do
> this!
> If so, this will solve ALL my problems!  Hurrah for 
> Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL!
> Hurrah!
> Alex
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