Apologies if my situation isn't clear.  My brain is noodle-soup after all

I am given an updated copy of the MS Access database periodically. That
needs uploading to the website and a few pages use it to populate themselves
with relevant data.

Basically - username/password check to login.  If successful then show them
most of the fields in their record.  Simple!

Simple, yeah, nothing to it...  ;)

Now my server admin are playing ball I have hope.  If I can convert the MS
Access db to MySQL without too many problems then I should be home and

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|I think you'd have the same issue with Chilisoft ASP as you would with
|PHP because the issue isn't with the scripting language but with the
|OS's support for ODBC or DSNless connections to an Access database.    I
|did a little reading on Chilisoft ASP a while ago and (1) it's not free
|from what I understand and (2) I heard it doesn't function exactly how
|ASP is supposed to so you could have some stability issues.   The MySQL
|thing along with MDBTools or something sounds like it could be the best
|way to go.
|Or if you keep your master data set in MySQL and just use Access to pull
|a copy from it when necessary for distribution (you said you distributed
|the data via MDB files right?  Or do people change the MDBs and that
|becomes the master?)
|At any rate, good luck!  And keep us updated!
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|> Thanks again Trevor and Bob!
|> The reason I was mentioning ASP is because "Chilli Soft! ASP"
|> thingy (?) is
|> installed on the live (Linux/Apache) server.  IIS doesn't
|> come in to play
|> (other than on my localhost I was (stupidly) testing on!).
|> I have just got off the phone having managed to get the
|> server admin to
|> concede to allowing MySQL to be installed.  Hopefully he will
|> actually do
|> this!
|> If so, this will solve ALL my problems!  Hurrah for
|> Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL!
|> Hurrah!
|> Alex
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