I can't seem to figure this out.
Right now I'm still trying to get the multi page form
For the facts, running php 4.3.8, apache 1.3.x
Register Globals are enabled

So I'm starting the pages with:

Now since this is a form, the user creates the value
for the variable, so within the form:

<input name="myname" type="text" id="myname"
value="<?php echo $_SESSION['myname']; ?>">

Question 1: is this enough to register the session
variable ?

If I send this form action post to a page where I
echo "\$myname = ".$myname."<br/>";

The variable print out fine.
BUT - if I add another page between first and
echo "\$myname = ".$myname."<br/>"; - returns nothing

The 2nd page is another page in the form.  So 2nd page
variables will print out on the echoing page, but
again if I put a page between 2nd and 3rd , the 2nd's
are lost.

Now I've printed out the session.id so I see the
session is alive and id's match.  I've also checked
(forget the funtion) to see if $myname is a registered
session value and it returns 1 (true), so what gives ?

Thank you

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