I have this form that is set up like this:

Repeat Region 1 [From mysql recordset]
| HTML checkbox |  Profile Name |   Edit Button |

So if the user went to this page it would show a list
of their profiles like:

|HTML checkbox |  MyNewProfile  |   Edit Button|
|HTML checkbox |  MyOldProfile  |   Edit Button|
|HTML checkbox | MyFunnyProfile |   Edit Button|

Now the edit button works great, I click on the edit
button of the row of the profile I want to edit and it
goes to the correct one.  The checkbox however does
not do anything at this point.  What I'm trying to do
is put a check mark in the check box, hit the form
submit, and get the correct row associated profile. At
this point it only returns the first record returned
in the results set.

Furthermore , I actually have two repeat regions in
the form.  One for the profiles, another for an
associated document.  The idea - user can choose this
profile (check) and this document (check) hit submit
and those are returned.

I'm having no luck though and perhaps I'm unclear
about  the use of checkboxes or even radio buttons.

Anyone understand how to accomplis this task ?


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