I just thought, if your query object ($XXXX) is returning a
resultset object then maybe you have to 'loop' the resultset object
in order to retrieve the 'row' object(s) from which you can retrieve the data.

your resultset object doesn't have a GetRowAssoc() method?
[ defined as &GetRowAssoc($upper=true) ]

Norland, Martin wrote:

object(kt_adorecordset_mysql)(33) { ["dataProvider"]=>

Looks like you're using the ADODB library (
http://www.certicamara.com/consulta/lib/adodb/docs-adodb.htm ) or
similar.  ( That may not be the official site, I just bounced around a
bit. )

All your previous code looks to have been correct, so I'm not really
sure where to go from here.  You may want to look into $ADODB_FETCH_MODE
and see if you can't just get an associative array with your fields
directly out, instead of pulling each little piece out through the
convenience function "Fields()" (which... doesn't seem to be working).

Not best practice - in fact, extremely BAD practice, but you should be
able to access it with $rsVendorJobs->fields['fieldname'].  Note, of
course, that that's internal structure of their object - and you should
NOT be directly accessing such things.  Still, it will help you check if
you're sane.

I really REALLY don't recommend directly digging into a black box like
this unless you know it will never change, or have some good
documentation area where people will know to look before upgrading.

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