Having a problem here with updating multiple records
in a table.  

First the table is like such:

| RecordID [int]  | IndID [int]  |

There is no auto inc column.  User has a record number
and then can have multiple rows in table with the same
record number.

| RecordID [int]  | IndID [int]  |
|    101          |      5       |
|    101          |      10      |
|    101          |      22      |

I've setup the sql result set as such:

SELECT * FROM `Profiles`   
INNER JOIN `Profiles_Industries` ON Profiles.ProfileID
= Profiles_Industries.ProfileID)
INNER JOIN IndTypes ON Profiles_Industries.IndID =
INNER JOIN SU ON (Profiles.kID = `SU.kID)
WHERE Profiles.ProfileID = colname 

I have a list menu (multi select) using the IndTypes
table and have named the element IndID[]

I have the array variable to grab the IndID values
from the record set. 

inds = implode(",",$_POST['IndID']); 

And I am attempting to highlight the IndID that exist
in the users records in the multi select:

<?php $selected =

              <option value="<?php echo
                          <?php if
(in_array($rsInds->Fields('IndID'),$selected)) { echo
"selected"; } ?> >
                          <?php echo

I'm sure this is all most likely confusing. :) Typical
post from me ...sorry.  None of this is working
Perhaps updating multiple records is more difficult
then I first imagined. 

Can anyone lend some advice , assistance ?

Thank you,

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