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> > This line in particular clearly warrants attention.  Cookie to
> > guesses what" the' problem` might 'be.
> that will be a lone backtick then :-) now where's the cookiejar ;-) 

All my cookies are stored on my local drives - sorry, I can't give you

> > explode() turns an array into a string, you'll have trouble 
> > in_array()ing a string.  You may want to start there.
> er Martin, no it does not. explode creates an array.
> the manual defines it as thus:
> array explode ( string separator, string string [, int limit])
> possibly you got mixed up with implode() (or join() which is an alias
> implode())

That's what I get for troubleshooting before lunch!

My apologies to the list and to anyone unfortunate enough to find that
post with a search!  I always get implode/explode mixed up (I think of
an array as more organized than a string - so I think of a string as
just an array that's been blown to smithereens).  I guess the idea is
that an array is like a bunch of pieces of a string after it's been
blown up.

I even checked the manual and dyslexically read it.  'Spose I owe
everyone a cookie, and Jochem Maas two (plus first pick!).

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