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Have a look on this:


It seems to be easy with zend framework

How about a way to do it without having to install a huge system wide binary and configruation that might potentially break apache and all PHP sites?


The OP is asking for a PHP solution and you point to cpan.. Hmm.

Yep, because PHP is not usually (some say *never*) the best solution *and* this *is* a PHP + DB list so the OP actually has nothing to do with thei slist anyway.

Agreed, but the subject does say "using PHP".

phpmailer (phpmailer.sourceforge.net) handles everything for you.. even if you want to roll your own, that code will give you a good starting point.

Right after rebuilding php and apache and breaking PHP funtionality for everyone, just so you can send a semi complex MIME message? That is the epitome of PHP's lameness and why I can't sit quietly by and not recommend an easy to install and use and maintain solution.

Why are you rebuilding PHP and Apache? In what way does phpmailer (a completely PHP-based solution with no external dependancies) force you to do this and "break[ing] PHP functionality for everyone"?

And besides its in a non strutcutered way to maek it even more impossible to maintain.

I assume that's a generic dig at PHP. For me, the lack of an enforced structure makes it easier to maintain since it gives you the freedom to put in your own structure.

I don't know you from Adam, but for whatever reason you seem to hate PHP. I'm sure whatever it did it wasn't personal. Please do us all a favour and unsubscribe from this list, or at the very least please stop posting pointless and time-wasting answers.


If ignorance is bliss, you must be in heaven!

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