Dwight Altman wrote:

" Right after rebuilding php and apache and breaking PHP funtionality for everyone, just so you can send a semi complex MIME message? That is the epitome of PHP's lameness and why I can't sit quietly by and not recommend an easy to install and use and maintain solution."

This command breaks Apache?
" And besides its in a non strutcutered way to maek it even more impossible to maintain."

Classes and Object Oriented Programming?

Thanks Dwight, good info.

I'm speaking in generalitites of working with PHP not specifics components of the technology.

As an example of this general clutter/bloat/mess that PHPs basic paradigm is see:


Disclaimer: Note that that url is a comparison of Perl to PHP, which is not what I'm saying in all this mess. Just look at each point of PHP and if you don't see whay iots so bad look at how Perl does it and hopefully it will make more clear where I'm coming from for at least part of my argument (the deve part) that PHP has many negatives things about it that are either not an issue in other langauges or are not nearly as pronounced or common to run up against.

I'm very sorry if this makes some uncomfortable but note that I'm pointing out downfalls of PHP, a "thing", I am not getting personal and would appreciate the same courtesy. (which Dwight and Edward have done, thanks ;p)

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