Just so you know. Your site does not work on a MAC.
Definitely not on Safari and your menus on Firefox (but some things work on Firefox)
and I don't even use IE since they dropped support, so I wouldn't know.
Not sure if your are particular to PC or LINUX.
Just FYI.

I am an entrepreneur and don't have a lot of money,
so I must learn things on my own to keep my business growing.
Would love to go get the degree, but that is some time away.
In the mean time I have to get this created.
Just out of curiosity, does my site work on your system?
Also, I saw some of the things you worked on. Nice work.
(I see your serious about your recruiter comment now)
Do you have a suggestion where I can get PHP/MySQL certified?
or a good dummies book?


Karl DeSaulniers
Design Drumm

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