Hi Karl,

> I did some search and found Zend Studio for MAC 5.5.
> it's $299, but thats a goal at least.

Just so you know I fully empathise with both yours and Daevid's situation - 
you'll probably find a lot of people on this list are in the same boat, as am I.

Anyway just a hint - I bought my first Mac in September and I'm never turning 
back but that's a conversation for another day.  The one thing I thought was 
missing that I couldn't match on Windows was a decent IDE - for both PHP and 
C++ (my two main freelancer languages.)

However someone on this list pointed me in the direction of what I thought was 
a Java IDE - NetBeans.  It turns out it's a damned-fine C++ and PHP editor.  It 
handles code completion of LARGE projects (4,000+ files) ten times faster than 
others - Zend Studio and Eclipse, and Komodo for instance.

Plus it's free :)


I used Zend Studio when it was a stand-alone Java application then switched to 
PhpEd but unfortunately that's Windows only.  I've also tried Eclipse but 
couldn't get to grips with it.  However I feel NetBeans is such a stronger 
contender than any of these - straight from the word go I just got on with it.

Re: the certification - I'm looking at doing a Zend course next year for 
nothing more than to try and get PHP recognised as a professional skill - I've 
been programming in it since 2002.  I don't know of any other companies that do 
PHP qualifications, but as Zend is "the PHP company" anyway they probably mean 
more :P

Hope this helps you anyway.

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