> Guess I should have kept that question to myself and dove into the
manuals a little more, but
> didn't think I would get crucified for asking help. Everyone has to  
> start somewhere and no one knows everything when they start.

Let me apologize. I didn't mean to chastise you specifically. That is why I
removed the names from the email. And I also did jump in late to the
thread, I was under the impression that the big block of code was what
someone else had suggested as a solution to an OP's question. I didn't
realize it was your code you were trying to ask the list about.

> Just so you know. Your site does not work on a MAC.

It actually does work on a Mac, just not in Safari ;-)

I'm aware of this, and unfortunately, it's a defunct JavaScript library
that is causing the issue. The library to do those fancy windows is all
written in German and then minified, so debugging it is just a nightmare I
don't have the time or care to dig into for a browser that is 4% of the
market ( http://marketshare.hitslink.com/browser-market-share.aspx?qprid=0

> Definitely not on Safari and your menus on Firefox (but some things work
on Firefox)

All of it should work in Firefox. I use Firefox on Ubuntu and XP (as well
as IE6, IE7 and IE8)
What doesn't work in Firefox on the Mac?

> Not sure if your are particular to PC or LINUX.

Yes, I am. I bought a Dell Mini9 and hackintoshed it since several
friends/fanboys of mine kept extolling the virtues of the mighty OSX. I
really WANTED to like OSX. But aside from looking pretty, I found it too
dumbed down for me. I like more control over my OS, and when I press the
'DEL' button on a file, well, it damn well should 'DELete'. ;-)

> Just FYI.
> Me..
> I am an entrepreneur and don't have a lot of money,

As am I.

> so I must learn things on my own to keep my business growing.

Understood and empathize.

> Would love to go get the degree, but that is some time away.
> In the mean time I have to get this created.
> Just out of curiosity, does my site work on your system?

I believe so. It loads and does a few things. Not sure how much is
completed or not to say what it's supposed to do or not do...

> Also, I saw some of the things you worked on. Nice work.

Thank you.

> (I see your serious about your recruiter comment now)

Yes. They bug the shit out of me.

> Do you have a suggestion where I can get PHP/MySQL certified?

I've never been to one, but Zend offers courses that may be worth checking

> or a good dummies book?

I find the php.net site to be the absolute best source of examples and


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