dear sir..
I can't assure.. I will not busy at that time
perhaps we should think off-line meting like in forum or this milis

i think.. the first we can do is to build tutorial.. Like I posted earlier..
I create tutor in Youtube.. I use Movie Maker and camstudio
*the sound is not include
plus in youtube.. we can text it (using annotation) soo the reader have
knowledge about it

how about this.. for you all have something to share.. please share and all
document will be put in someone place.. then we can read it.. If someone
capable to build as movie... Please do soo

reading is hard this day.. but if you give the movie.. HOWTO.. is help a lot

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 7:39 PM, nagendra prasad

> Hi All,
> I am really happy that these many people are interested in online meeting.
> I
> had thought about 2 ways to how to roll out this meeting.
> 1. First the person who is teaching a topic can make a presentation with
> audio or he can directly make a video of his topic and share it with
> others.
> After watching the presentation/video we can have a FAQ meeting about each
> and every topic. We can create a group in yahoo messenger and let ppl come
> their and ask questions about each topic.
> OR
> 2. We can fix a time and use some online presentation tool available on the
> net for free to roll out this meeting.
> If someone has any other idea please reply to this mail.
> Best,
> Guru

akan ada dimana mulut terkunci dan suara tak ada lagi..
saat itu gunakanlah HP untuk melakukan SMS!!
-> ini aliran bedul.. bukan aliran aneh.
tertawa sebelum tertawa didepan RSJ..

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