This is vary nice Gunawan :) I will post my example movie tonight and see if
this works. I am going to make a live working movie which will show the user
as if he is sitting just next to me. I will also try to put some subtitles
in it. Just thinking if anyone know a tool which can convert MP3 to text so
that I can record the audio in MP3 and then I can get the whole audio into
text. This would be easier for everyone while making an audio-video movie
with subtitles.

Just for making everyone's life easier here are few tool which we can use it
while making movie clips:

1. Any screen capturing tool (Snagit will do)
2. Any Movie editing tool (Generally Window movie maker but I recommend
Ulead Video studio)

3. Any video compressor tool which will reduse the size of the movie so that
it would be easier to upload it. ( su...@2000 will do)


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