Due to time zone differences, people in various zones (countries/continents) can only avail of a live event within a certain time period. A recorded presentation can be viewed by anyone anytime anywhere. No time zone constraints. Obviously, whoever is taking on the role of tutor in a live event has their own time restrictions/schedule, so I think if this is is going to be a live event, see who is available/able to take on the role of tutor in various zones so everyone else knows which live event best suits their own schedule if they want to attend/tune in. Then decide/debate on the best available format for the event and any associated Q&A.


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Hi All,

As we are discussing about how to roll out this meeting from past 3-4
days Taygun
ALBAN has raised an important point about the meeting (Thanks Taygun for
pointing out this). As we all know we don't live in the same country, so
their will be some difference between each one's time zone. Taygun has
pointed out that we all are from different time zone so how we are going to
roll out this meeting? Guys please pitch in and think about this issue. We
will have to come with some solution so that all of us can attend this

Also, I think now its time to decide a date for the meeting. Please suggest
a date as well.



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