Guys i think u can use either Google wave or EtherPad for this purpose.


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On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 4:16 PM, nagendra prasad

> Hi All,
> As we are discussing about how to roll out this meeting from past 3-4
> days Taygun
> ALBAN has raised an important point about the meeting (Thanks Taygun for
> pointing out this). As we all know we don't live in the same country, so
> their will be some difference between each one's time zone. Taygun has
> pointed out that we all are from different time zone so how we are going to
> roll out this meeting? Guys please pitch in and think about this issue. We
> will have to come with some solution so that all of us can attend this
> meeting.
> Also, I think now its time to decide a date for the meeting. Please suggest
> a date as well.
> Best,
> Guru.

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