At 18:39 10.1. 2001, Cynic wrote the following:
>I at least point out build failures 
>when I encounter them. But it's quite frustrating to see a report (which, as 
>it turned out, required one #ifdef to solve) unnoticed for - how long? If I 
>didn't bite the bullet of risking I'll be stamped as a PITA and didn't mail 
>Daniel Beulshausen asking for help, it probably wouldn't build to date - two 
>weeks. Also, with the fast pace of PHP and Zend development, it might be 
>noticably harder to hunt down a bug after a week or two whereas it'd be easier 
>to do something about it e. g. the next day. For example, if this build 
>failure was fixed earlier than it was, 4.0.4pl1 RC's (and the release) could 
>build on NT. Unfortunately, there have been so many changes meantime that it 
>has to wait till 4.0.5 now.

Sorry, I mixed the zend_ini[rshutdown|deactivate] issue with the 
apache_child_terminate here.
And it'd be actually longer than two weeks.

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