At 15:19 10.01.2001 +0100, Cynic wrote:
>Anyway, it really seems like win32 mod_php4 has the lowest
>priority of these, I think it would be otherwise available
>from next to the ISAPI binaries... (I'm aware of

it's available in the releases as well.

>I think win32 mod_php4 would eat quite a portion of the ISAPI
>pie if it was more known.

iis with isapi is imo a much better combo than apache with the apache 
module (under win32), but the apache is more popular.
the build error should be hard to fix (already fixed in cvs...), and should 
go in, but imo it's not worth rolling out another RC.
just prefix this function with the ZEND_API macro to export it.


daniel beulshausen - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
using php on windows?

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