At 20:20 10.1. 2001, Daniel Beulshausen wrote the following:
>At 15:19 10.01.2001 +0100, Cynic wrote:
>>Anyway, it really seems like win32 mod_php4 has the lowest
>>priority of these, I think it would be otherwise available
>>from next to the ISAPI binaries... (I'm aware of
>it's available in the releases as well.

Is it? Where? for 4.0.4, lists only 
source code and two win32 binaries:

* 3.79 Mb CGI binary and ISAPI module included, MySQL support 
  built-in, many extensions included, packaged as zip
* 732 Kb CGI only, MySQL support built-in, packaged as Windows 
  installer to install and configure PHP, and automatically 
  configure IIS, PWS and Xitami, with manual configuration for 
  other servers. N.B. no external extensions included

if one of those two zipfiles contains win32 DSO, it's hidden 
too well.

>>I think win32 mod_php4 would eat quite a portion of the ISAPI
>>pie if it was more known.
>iis with isapi is imo a much better combo than apache with the 
>apache module (under win32), but the apache is more popular.

Might be. But I left MS web servers for a good reason (actually 
a bunch of reasons). Seamless deployment is among them.



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