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> To: Sam Liddicott; Zeev Suraski
> Subject: RE: [PHP-DEV] 4.0.4pl1 RC2 rolled
> Although, actually, I 
> guess we can 
> aggree that the amount of attention a platform recieves from 
> developers is 
> (partially) proportional to the level of bugging they're 
> exposed to. 
> Hm, I got carried away a bit... So, what I'm trying to say is: 
> I understand why win32 Apache (and mod_php4) recieves less 
> attention than unix 
> one. I'd like to see this change, and so I at least point out 
> build failures 
> when I encounter them. But it's quite frustrating to see a 
> report (which, as 
> it turned out, required one #ifdef to solve) unnoticed for - 
> how long? If I 
> didn't bite the bullet of risking I'll be stamped as a PITA 
> and didn't mail ...

I'm with you all the way; I saw you as one of the windows developers doing
his bit.  And I support your bugging people.  Sascha knows how muched I
bugged him to add the patch in the first place.

> Well, I was trying to be kind of unofficial QAT member 
> building mod_php4 from 
> snaps.php.net often since last summer or so. I don't blame 
> you (or anyone else 
> for that matter) for writing a function that breaks the build 
> process on a 
> platform you don't have access to. 
> >I think just just an unforunate thing, once more developers 
> value windows it
> >will solve itself.
> I'm trying to help make it happen.

Excellent fellow!  I'm more of a hanger-on myself, learning the processes.



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