I think the answer for (1) is 'yes'.  The answer for (2) depends on how big 
it is - if it's big, I don't think it makes sense to include it in PHP, as 
it's fairly esoteric.  Including a pointer to where you can download it 
would be better (assuming you can download it in a way that is then usable 
by your code..?)
As for 3, if we find a way that works to use the BSD readline clone, then 
dropping GNU readline support is fine.


At 13:53 13/1/2001, Stanislav Malyshev wrote:
>I've been able to make PHP work with libedit from NetBSD. It requires some
>patching (not much of that) and some features might be missing, but
>generally it works. Now the questions are:
>1. Do we want non-GPL readline implementation?
>2. Can we just rip the code out the NetBSD CVS (like I did) and insert it
>into PHP? License seems to allow this, provided all the thing with
>advertising clauses, but there might be things more complicated than I
>thought of.
>3. If 1+2 is yes, do we want to still retain the GNU readline
>compatibility, or we want full replacement (with probably some
>functionality loss).
>Waiting for comments on this,
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